Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Ministry News

Our church in Sao Paulo continues to do well during our furlough. We will be returning the beginning of June and have a conference at the end of June. Please pray with us that they will continue to grow in the Lord and that our return will be without difficulty.

My wife has just completed a new book entitled, Everyone in the Van! It is time for Deputation! The book is a practical guide to deputation, primarily for the wife. It would also be enjoyable for anyone who has missionary friends or just wants to understand what deputation is all about. It is available through our web-site The book is $10.00. We have already had much positive feed back from missionaries and laymen alike.

Family News

We are coming up on the close of our furlough. We are planning to leave the United States around the first full week of June. We are still trying to find the best price tickets. Please pray with us that God will direct us to the best tickets available.

The final days here in the states have been great. Rebekah was going to witness to some neighbor children who were playing in the yard with our sons. As she approached them she heard Lee, our youngest, earnestly talking to them about their need for Christ. The neighbor boy responded “You told me that last time we played and when you took me to church. I already asked Jesus to save me and so did my sister, remember!” Lee responded “Yes, I know but I really want to be sure you are going to heaven!”

The boys are growing and maturing both physically and spiritually. They are more than ready to return to Brazil and get busy helping the church grow to even greater heights.

Prayer and Praise

We praise the Lord for the piano that has been provide for our church in Brazil! Pray with us about the final funds for our air fare and for the shipping of items to Brazil, including the piano.

In His Service

Bryan and Rebekah Johnson
Jeff, David,& Lee

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