Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Ministry News

God has been good to the Compassion Baptist Church. God has blessed our church with over 50 first time visitors in the last few months. Pray that God will touch their hearts to return and join our church. we have been actively visiting each person who comes and will be hosting a Thanksgiving celebration in our home on November 18th to try and make people feel more welcome. We were blessed with two salvations in a recent service. God has been good and has sent us several complete families. Building strong families is our biggest desire.

In addition to the church, God has allowed us to occasionally travel and preach conferences throughout the country. In September God allowed us to go to the nation’s capital and preach a Creation Conference at Igreja Batista Regular do Calvario. We had a fantastic time with the people of that church. Pastor Davi Lima is a dear friend of many years. He is doing a great work there in the capital. Many churches from the area came for the conference and many people told us that their faith was strengthened and many of their questions were answered. One young man who came was clearly an atheist, and after the first service we thought he would not return, but praise the Lord he did. He is a colleague of one of the members and he is clearly searching. I answered as many questions as I could in the time I had. Pastor Davi has his information.

Meet our members

Bruno, Adrielle, and Joao Pedro are one of our regular families.

We met Bruno several years ago when he moved to Sao Paulo. He and his sweet wife have one young son, Joao Pedro. Pray that as soon as Joao Pedro is old enough to understand he will be saved.

They have been a great blessing to our church and really help to make people feel welcome. Bruno runs his own company and Adrielle is a fantastic housewife and wonderful cook.


Family News

Praise the Lord in a recent check-up the doctor told Rebekah that she did not need to come in as often now. There is absolutely no sign of cancer left in her body. That is a huge answer to our prayers. thank you to each and every one of you who has prayed for her health.

Lee is doing well in his Senior year. He is looking forward to Bible college in 2018. Jeff and David are doing very well at Bible college, Praise the Lord.

In His Service,

Bryan, Rebekah & Lee

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