Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Ministry News

So many exciting things have been happening since our last prayer letter.  We have signed a contract on a church location.  We are very excited about this. We had to put down a 10-month rental deposit on the building, and it is a three-year contract. Thankfully, we were able to get a loan for the deposit.  We will get it back when we are done as long as the building is in good shape.  We do still need to pay back the $6,700 we borrowed for the deposit. Obviously, this puts a huge crunch on our finances, so it was a real blessing to have five pews donated to the new church start. Our opening service will be on May 7th at 6:30 pm.

Junior and Janaina, the couple who will be joining us in our start, have been a real blessing already. They have been helping us hand out the 8,000 invitations we had printed.  They have also chipped in with paint and supplies for the church.

We have had many people show interest in the church and already have had people contacted us wanting to know times and days of service.  Pray that God will open doors for us and that people will come to know Christ through our church.

Missions Trip Opportunity

My brother, Allen Johnson, will be hosting a missions trip to our church August 7-15th of 2017. The cost is $2000, which includes the cost of your ticket, hotel, and food.  Brazil does require a visa so you will need to apply for that as well.

This would be a great opportunity for many of you who have supported us so faithfully through the years to see what your support is doing.  You can get more information at  We would love to see many of you.

Family News

Just as we signed the contract for the church, Rebekah and Lee both came down with something. Apparently, the winds have shifted and basically placed a “lid” on the city trapping all the pollution. Their illness was something akin to an allergy attack in the states. After taking some antihistamine both of them were up and running again.  Lee is finishing up his junior year of high school and has been a real blessing with this new church plant.

Jeff and David are finishing up another year at Bible college.  We are getting excited as they are moving ever closer to deputation and a return to Brazil as missionaries.  Recently,  David met a Brazilian couple in Chicago and was able to win them to Christ and take them to church.  We are so blessed to have sons who are serving the Lord.
In His Service,

Bryan & Rebekah Johnson

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