Dear Praying and Supporting friends,

Church News

Well, God is good all the time– even if the times are not the best. We would ask prayer for the church as they are needing to make some very important decisions that need to be made for this church to move forward for God. The church is splitting into two factions the for us and the against us. Pray that God can control our tongues as we are attacked by angry members and for a calmer spirit of peace to enter our church.

Despite the trials and troubles we are pleased to let you know that souls are still being saved. At our lowest moments God has sent souls who needed his love to make them whole. Pray that the people we have seen saved will be accepted by the church and allowed to grow in the Lord.

Family News

Please be in prayer for our family. We are very weak and tired of spirit but are trusting in the Lord to give us the strength to continue on. We have not felt God’s leading to leave this church. We truly believe this is where God wants us but we also understand that we can not force the people to accept us. Rebekah has been very saddened and discouraged by the personal attacks against her from angry members. The boys are taking it better than we had hoped but we pray God will keep them strong as they go through this.

We will continue to serve the Lord no matter what Satan decides to do. Pray with us that God will give us the strength to rise up like eagles, in God’s time.

In His Service,

Bryan, Rebekah
Jeff, David & Lee Johnson

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