Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Family News
Please excuse the delay in our prayer letter. We made a quick trip to the states to drop our oldest son off at Bible College. Praise the Lord, Jeff is planning on coming back to Brazil as a missionary once he is done with college. Please pray for him as he is adjusting to life in America. If anyone would like to send him a letter his address is:

Jeff Johnson
8400 Burr Street Box
P.O. Box 375
Crown Point, IN 46307

While we were in the states we were surprised to receive a phone call telling me my grandmother had just passed away. Praise the Lord, we were able to be there and attend the funeral. Grandma was saved and we will see her again in heaven someday.

We were also able to visit my wife’s family. Rebekah got to see her sister, Christy Hubbard, missionary in Lima, Peru, and her family for the first time in over six years! We got to meet two new nephews we had never met. It was a sweet time of fellowship. Also we got to see her grandfather and uncle who have both been fighting cancer. We never know When it will be the last time we will see family this side of heaven and it was a blessing to see them one more time.

Ministry News

Recently we were able to attend a Youth Conference with our sons. While we were there my wife was able to lead 13 year old, Kayle to Christ. It was her first meeting of this kind and Kayle was confused because she had started Catholic Catechism classes recently. Praise the Lord, Kayle listened to all Rebekah had to say. Kayle even asked questions about things she had learned in Catechism. Kayle sweetly bowed her head and got saved. Pray for her continued growth in her youth group. She is a bus kid with the church she came with and is from a rough background.

Upon our return from the states we went to my brother’s new church plant and our son David was able to lead a teenage boy to the Lord. It was a sweet time of fellowship with family here in Brazil as well as a great time of service.

We wrote before that someone had donated a piece of property for the purpose of planting a church. We thought we were going to get the property but that fell throw. We have obviously stepped away from that property and God has lead us to another area of ​​the city. We are praying over two sections of the city and talking with families we meet.

Pray for us, a new law has been passed this year prohibiting new churches from being started in residential areas. We will have to open in a commercial district. This will be very difficult since renting a building in a commercial district is extremely high in cost. We are considering going to a suburb of Sao Paulo–Taboa da Serra. We are praying about it and hoping they have not passed this law yet in their city limits. We have already looked at a home that could serve as both our housing and the church.

We would like to begin Bible studies as soon as we return from a preaching trip in the North of Brazil. We will be in the city of Maceio with missionary Robert Tully.


Our publishing ministry is taking on an exciting turn. Moacir is a man who was led to the Lord by missionary Dave Whitmore. He is a vendor by profession. Moacir has a burning desire to get Christian materials to his people and has begun selling for us part time. We are praying that we can begin to sell enough to eventually pay Moacir as a full time employee. His expertise in the area of ​​sales will be a great blessing and benefit to this ministry. Moacir has great ideas of what Brazilian Christians are looking for and has already been a tremendous blessing.

Please keep us in your prayers. The devil as always is fighting so we covet your prayers for our ministry and for our spiritual protection.

In His Service,

Bryan & Rebekah Johnson
Jeff, David and Lee

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