Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Ministry News

We praise the Lord for seven souls saved at the Easter Cantata. We performed the Cantata on both Saturday night and on Sunday night. The choir worked very hard and did a great job. Praise the Lord for his Word.

We have begun a new group of discipleship with a number of people near the church recently. Pray for these converts as we try to strengthen them in the Lord. We ask you to continue to pray as we look for God’s guidance as we prepare for the next steps of our ministry.


God is really beginning to bless the publishing ministry. We recently had a man who works with selling Bibles here in Brazil, approach us about becoming a representative for the ministry. This will be a huge blessing for us because he can reach people we do not know of and will allow us to help build Brazilian pastors, and churches all across the country.

Pray with us as we are attempting to record various pastors for an on-line college. There is a great need for this here in Brazil. Currently there are no Independent Baptist Colleges here in the country–there are only small institutes in various churches. Our Brazilian Pastors lack seriously in the resources to be able to train their people, which often leads to dangerous compromise– such as Calvinism, or ceasing to be Baptist at all. We feel a great burden to change the future for our Brazilian pastors.

Family News

We have been reminded lately how complicated it can be to get all you paperwork in order here. Jeff turned 18 in February. We have been working for several months now to complete all his paperwork so that he can go to Bible college in the Fall in the United States. He now has been registered and excused from the military. Received his voting card, a requirement here in Brazil. Applied for his new RG card, something like a Social Security number. Today we finally had enough documents that we were able to renew his Brazilian passport. Now all we have to do is gather all the documents we have applied for so that Jeff will be free to travel back for college. Pray for him as he begins his studies to eventually come back and serve the Lord as a missionary here in Brazil.

We praise the Lord for a faithful Christian friend, Fabricia, a nurse. Rebekah has been taking Synthroid for some time but recently we tried the generic brand of her medication to try and save money. Rebekah began to get sick and Fabricia let us know that by using the generic product she was actually making herself sick. The generic brand has altered one ingredient and that causes the immune system to weaken. We will be switching her back and allowing her immune system to recover. Rebekah has also began physical therapy on her right arm. She has injured it and will need about 12 sessions to get her back in working order. We ask you to pray for her as she strengthens her immune system and as she works to heal her arm.

In His Service,

Bryan & Rebekah Johnson
Jeff, David and Lee

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