Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

The Amazon Project

Upon our return to Sao Paulo I immediately geared up for a medical missions trip to Atalia do Norte, Amazon. This is located very close to the Colombian border. There were 15 of us who went. Praise the Lord we were able to give the plan of salvation to every school child in the city totaling 1,200. Many accepted Christ. We were also able to teach them on the topics of abstinence, abortion, and drug prevention. The average age of a first pregnancy there is 12. Please pray as missionary Jonathon Hernandez establishes a church there that many will be able to continue to grow in the Lord. We were also able to preach in 2 tribes through a translator into their native language. The trip was a real blessing.

Souls Saved

Among some of the souls we have seen saved, Praise the Lord for 2 young children, Harmoniele and Pedro Louis, who attended our services 2 weeks ago. They were visiting family for winter break here in Sao Paulo and their cousin invited them to church with them on the bus route. After the service Rebekah was able to lead them both to the Lord. When she got ready to ask them where they lived they told Rebekah they were going back home to Bahia in the morning. That is a 24 hour drive North of where we live. God brought them all that way just so they could hear the gospel and be saved!

World Cup Project

As you know the world cup was here in Brazil. Satan has fought the project from the beginning to this very moment. Due to extremely limited funds coming in we were not able to ship when we had hoped and the container unloaded the week of the opening games. This delayed our delivery across the country significantly. We did get the scripture shipped to all but one of the venues and churches have been able to distribute them.

My brother Allen brought a group of men to help with the distribution of booklets. These men along with my family and a few others concentrated distribution efforts for 10 days. Within those 10 days we distributed more than 51,000 to 26 different nationalities. Praise the Lord for souls saved and for e-mails coming in telling us of many more who have accepted Christ. Missionary John Raehl in Cuiaba was able to organize 15 churches there and pass out 100,000 in that city. We have heard from a man in Southern Brazil who received his copy of the scripture from another missionary who helped us there. He has gotten saved and is wanting to know more. Pray for this man as we have put him in contact with the missionary who works in that area. The web site we have set up for the project has had hundreds of visits since the project began. Thank you to each one of you who gave to make this project a reality. God only knows the full benefits of what was accomplished.

In His Service,

Bryan & Rebekah Johnson
Jeff, David, & Lee

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