Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

We would like to thank you all for your earnest prayer concerning Rebekah’s back. Praise the Lord she has had significant improvement since our last letter and has been able to travel without much difficulty. We have to stop a bit more so that she can walk and stretch but she is able to go to all the meetings. We also praise God that the insurance company of the man who hit us has paid for all the medical needs.

We are getting excited as we wind down our furlough. We are looking forward to our return to Brazil in January. We are working now on our World Cup Project. We will be sending you specific information about this exciting project soon. Briefly, we are planning on passing out 1 million book of Romans with the plan of salvation in 13 different languages in the back. We will pass these out during the first two weeks of the world cup. We would love for you to be involved, so be watching for the information that is coming.

We are excited to tell you about our new web site, We would love for you to check it out and view our photo albums and learn a bit more about us. There will be updated family photos on that site.
We also would like to announce our e-books. We have 2 e-books available now; Everyone in the Van by Rebekah Johnson , as well as my mother’s book The ABC’s of Life by Gerri Johnson. If you would like a hard copy you can order them from the website as well. The E-books are available on Amazon, & Barnes and Noble.
We have 2 CD’s available for digital download. Hymns of Gratitude by Rebekah Johnson and The Sounds of Bells by Gerri and Rebekah Johnson.

The proceeds of the sales will help fund our publishing company ELO. We are working on translating books and writing Sunday School Material for the Brazilians. We sell these at as low a cost as is possible to make it available to all who need it in Brazil.

We have been blessed greatly as we have traveled and reported at the churches across America. America is a beautiful country and we have been blessed to see old friends, view God’s creation, and make many new friends. We thank you all for your faithful support and prayers. We will continue to travel till we need to leave. If you would like to have us in for a report you may call us at 219-595-7475. Our Cell phone number is 219-682-4047.

In closing we would ask you to be in special prayer for our country, Brazil. They are in a state of turmoil and rioting at this time. There are many grievances the people have against the government and they are choosing the venue of riots to express themselves. Pray for the safety of our national friends and family. Pray for the riots to calm down and for peace to be restored. Pray that God will allow us to spread the gospel further in Brazil, as God is the only true way to have peace.

In His Service,
Bryan & Rebekah Johnson
Jeff, David & Lee

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