Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Praise the Lord we had the opportunity to travel quite a bit at the end of 2015.  We were able to visit our dear friend Robert Tully in Maceio and preach for him.  We were able to see some souls saved while there.  We have also been able to win some souls in my brother’s new city, Taubate.  He has started a church there recently.
Our publishing company, ELO, is picking up in business.  We are also about to print three new books and my family is about to start recording our second vocal CD.  Here in Brazil our Christians have very little choice of music once they accept Christ.  Most of them turn to Christian rock as their only choice.  As any pastor or youth director knows, music can really affect a Christian’s growth.
We are also making great steps in our on-line institute.  This has been a long time dream, Brazil needs training.  Most churches here are very small and it is difficult for pastors to train up national pastors.  Sometimes a pastor may live close enough to other that they can work together but that is rare.  There is one or two other institutes but we would like to approach it differently.  Most institutes that do happen here are really more like Sunday School classes– where average people go to learn more about the Bible.  We would like to offer that as a first year program along with discipleship built in so that new Christians can grow in the Lord. The second year will be more in-depth for Sunday School teachers, song leaders and church workers.  The final two years will be geared for Pastors.  We have a great line-up of missionary and national pastors who have agreed to teach for us and we have two other pastors who have agreed to help us film pastors in their areas.  We know we have a long way to go to be able to launch but the wheels are finally turning- Praise the Lord.  Pray with us that this project will stay on track.  We already have several Brazilians who are very interested in becoming students.  We truly believe Institute ELO will help transform Brazil.
Continue to pray for our son Jeff, who is in Bible College.  He broke his tooth at work and needs to save up $1,000 for a replacement.  He is doing well otherwise.
We have a request.  When we were in the states we confirmed our youngest son has dyslexia.  We were able to purchase the first two kits of the Barton Method and have already seen great improvement.  We need to purchase Kits 3-10.  We will need about $2,400 to purchase the material.  If anyone has a used Kit they would like to let us have that would be a great help.  You can contact us via e-mail at [email protected] We can work out a way to pay for the kit.  The kits would also be used to help another missionary family with two children, whom my wife is helping,  who have dyslexia as well.
Thank you for your continued prayers for us.  Your prayers keep us on the field.  We are praying for you as well.
In His Service,
The Bryan Johnson family

One thought on “Prayer Letter – January 2016

  • Dan Williams

    Bro. Johnson, My name is Dan Williams. We have never met. I attend Eastside Baptist Church in Memphis, Tn. My reason for writing you is that I pray for many missionaries at B.I.MI. If you have a e-mail list for your prayer letter please put me on it. I have prayed for missionaries for years. One missionary I have prayed for is Rose Pyles in the Philippines. She is with B.I.M.I. I have prayed her and her husband since 1982. He passed away a few years ago. I usually get e-mail letters. I know the paper is expensive. Thank you for your time. Dan


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