Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Ministry News

The Christmas Cantata at New Life was a blessing. Rebekah and I were able to lead a visiting couple to Christ. Pray that we can get them to start attending church faithfully. They found us on the internet and were told by a friend that they needed to attend a Fundamental Baptist Church. They actually did not know it was the night of the cantata. God is good.

I am currently trying to start discipleship with William. Please pray that we can work it out with his schedule. He is a taxi driver. He came to church with doubts about his salvation. I was able to answer his questions. He has been attending church whenever his schedule allows.

Since our last letter we have spent much time in prayer and fasting over where God would have us to serve. We have decided to stay in Sao Paulo. There is a piece of property in a section of the city called Guacuari. They have been looking for someone to start a church there for a number of years. We plan to be starting a church there the end of the year. This will require building a church from the ground up, quite literally. Until our church plant begins we will continue to help at New Life Baptist Church. We are currently working on the Easter Cantata as well as the Soul Winning and Visitation Program.

Family News

Our prayer letter is a bit late. Just as we were getting ready to sit down and write Jeff, our eldest son, came down with Dengue Fever. He was in a massive amount of pain at the beginning but we praise the Lord he had no internal bleeding, which could happen. He was doing much better after we sent out an emergency prayer request for him. He still gets tired quicker than he did before but he is clearly on the mend. For those who do not know, Dengue Fever is carried by mosquito and there is no treatment for it. The fever can spike up to 106 F. The person feels like someone is bending their bones in half. We continue to thank the Lord for his very quick recovery.

Praise the Lord, a nodule found on Rebekah’s thyroid is benign. That gave us a bit of a scare earlier last month. I had several tests but they all came back OK. The boys are doing well in school and are right on schedule to finish this school year in May.

The year you turn 18 in Brazil you need to enlist in the army. Not everyone is accepted but all are required to enlist. Please pray that when we take Jeff to enlist we can get him out of it with out any complications so he can enroll in college in the States this fall. If he is forced to stay it would be for a year “boot camp” in a very wicked environment.

In His Service,

Bryan, Rebekah, Jeff, david, and Lee Johnson

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