Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,


We would like to take this time to thank each and everyone of you who has prayed for us in this last year. Your prayers have been used greatly in our lives. We would like to thank you for your faithful support and encouragement. Thank you for your prayers for Rebekah’s back. She has been put on maintenance care only now and is able to do nearly everything she did before, Praise the Lord. We thank God that we were able to lead an Older woman named Dee Dee to the Lord and that she is now faithfully attending church. Be in prayer for her spiritual growth and for her to remain faithful once we leave the USA for Brazil.


We are excited to announce our new direction for our return to Brazil. We have been praying much over this last year as to where God would have us to serve him on our return in January. We have found doors close to us and we have found new doors opened by God. We feel God leading us to the state of Santa Catarina, particularly the city of Brusque. As far as we have been able to determine this is one of the least churched states in Brazil. We will be flying out of the USA on the 23rd of January and then heading to Santa Catarina the next week to look for housing. If you would like to locate Santa Catarina on a map of Brazil it is the next to last state in the south.

We are still doing our World Cup Project along with starting a church. Pray with us for all these undertakings. We are excited with all the possibilities that God has brought to our attention. Pray with us for God’s strength, wisdom and grace as we make a major move to this new location.


The boys are doing great. They were beyond excited and blessed when a dear faithful church provided them with some long prayed for instruments. They have already been using them in churches to glorify God and will be using them in our church in Brazil to accompany the services and with specials. Rebekah is feeling much better and is praising the Lord for a better report from the doctor than first given last month. She was told she had diabetes. When she went for a second opinion from the specialist he informed her that the nurse had read the blood work results incorrectly. She does not have diabetes but her thyroid needs some new maintenance. She is also low in Progesterone so they have started her on Progesterone. Already with the new medications she is feeling much better.

In His Service,

Bryan, Rebekah, Jeff, David, and Lee Johnson

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