Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,
The theme of transformation has really been taking root in the hearts of our people.  We have had many exciting events take place since our last prayer letter.  Vinicuis is a young married man who was brought to our church by his brother.  They were literally driving up and down the streets for the first church with the doors open. Praise the Lord it was ours.  The brother was from another city and was concerned for Vinicius’ life style.  Bryan led Vinicius to the Lord that Sunday afternoon.  He and his family have been coming faithfully ever since.  Just last Wednesday Patricia his wife accept Christ as her saviour as well.  What a blessing to have both husband and wife accepting Christ.  Pray that their son Vitor will accept Christ as soon as he understands, he is 5 years old.
Transformation in relationships has been the topic for the last two months.  One of our couples finally admitted they had never married.  On Saturday July 17th Vinicius and Priscilla finally got married.  We had a special service for them on Sunday and gave a clear plan of Salvation as well as reminded the whole church of the importance of marriage in the eyes of God.  Praise the Lord for this step in the right direction.  Pray that this couple will continue to seek the Lord in all areas of their lives.
Since our last prayer letter 2 of our children at church have accepted Christ.  Bruna was having a piano lesson with Rebekah and told her she wanted to get baptized.  After some talking Rebekah realized she was not saved.  Her lesson stopped and for the rest of the time Rebekah showed her the plan of salvation.  Bruna accepted Christ and was baptized a few weeks later.  Her cousin, Victor has been coming to church with his grandmother since he was just 4.  Last week during Jr. Church Rebekah asked each child if they knew they were saved.  Victor answered “No, I am not saved yet.”  So while the other children colored their papers Victor was led to the Saviour.  Praise the Lord
By the time you receive this letter our Revival Conference will have ended. Missionary Robert Tully of Maceio, Brazil was our speaker.  Our church had an all night prayer meeting the Friday before the conference.  We were pleased to have about 45% of our church members show up for most or all of the prayer meeting.  We can already feel the difference that prayer meeting has made on our members.
Our church building is going under transformation at this time as well.  We have passed the fire inspection and now are working on “remodeling” the church.  We have painted the auditorium and with one more coat it should be finished.  Next we will paint the fellowship area, and the outside of the building. Slowly but surely 10 years of neglected paint work will be mended and our church will be transformed inside and out.  Praise the Lord the people have been willing to work and give to keep the cost down.
In His Service,
Bryan& Rebekah Johnson
Jeff, David, and Lee

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