Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Please pardon the delay in our prayer letter.

Our move to Brazil has been interesting. We took off from Chicago in between blizzards. Due to the bitter cold our flight was delayed leaving Canada. This caused us to miss our connecting flight in Sao Paulo, so we finally made it to Londrina (where my parents are) a day late.

We were surprised to find that the place we are staying at right now does not get cell service or internet so we have to travel up to an hour to the department store whenever we need to do work on the internet. We were also surprised to find out that our water comes from a spring in the side of the mountain. On the bonus side our water is free but we have all had to take parasite medicine and have had some stomach issues since we were drinking the water unfiltered at the beginning. We now have a filter and are resolving the stomach issues. Pray with us that we can find the right house and get settled in our own home as soon as possible.

We were able to lead a lady to the Lord at my father’s church. She was visiting her grandson and was going back the next day. We were also able to lead a young girl named Julia to the Lord while I was preaching at a church down in Santa Catarina. Her mother is a spiritist and almost did not allow her to visit the church with her friend. Praise the Lord!

World Cup Project

We are excited about the upcoming World Cup Project. My brother Allen has all one million books of Romans printed and we are ready to ship the container. Pray with us as we finish up final details and that the containers will clear customs without any difficulties. Be in prayer for souls to be saved during the project. Thank you to all that have donated funds for the project. We still have many who have promised funds and still need some more so that we can ship the Romans to the host cities for the world cup once they arrive in Brazil.

Thank you again for your faithful support and prayers. We could not be here in Brazil without your help.

In His Service,

Bryan & Rebekah Johnson

Jeff, David & Lee

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