Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

As you may recall in our last letter we mentioned a drunk driver hitting us on the way home from church. Rebekah was injured in that accident and at the time we did not realize how complicated her injuries were. Since our last letter Rebekah has been to the chiropractor 2-3 times a week, every week. She has been in constant pain. We are very pleased to say that although the pain is still a regular part of her life, she is improving greatly. For the first couple of months she had difficulty walking, sitting or standing. Now she is able to do nearly everything as before even if she is in pain. Her sciatic nerve is pinched in her tailbone, which is facing the wrong direction. Please continue to pray for God’s complete healing in this matter.

Due to Rebekah’s condition we have not been able to travel as much as we would have liked. Pray with us as we will begin traveling more this month. Pray that God will make the trips comfortable for Rebekah and that she is better by the time we go back to Brazil.

I recently received an email from Daniella, she was a lady who moved to Sao Paulo for work and whom we helped out quite a bit. Daniella wanted us to know how grateful she was that we had been there to help her and to lead her daughter, Larissa, to Christ. That thank you is due to your faithful prayers and support.

God blessed in a service recently. Jeff was sitting in front of us at church. He was wearing his gang coat, sons of anarchy. Rebekah noticed that during the invitation he did not raise his hand saying he knew he was saved. During the invitation Rebekah began to speak with him. Jeff was there “by accident.” Jeff was scheduled to check into a local drug rehab program after loosing his family and home to the addiction When he arrived the paper work was messed up and they were not ready for him. Somehow Jeff found himself in our church. Rebekah pointed out to him that it was no accident, God had brought him to this very place. Jeff accepted Christ. Please pray for Jeff to continue to grow in the Lord and to have victory over his addiction.

In His Service,

Bryan, Rebekah, Jeff, David, and Lee Johnson

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