Dear Praying and Supporting Friends,

Family Update

As you read in our last prayer letter, just before going to America for a wedding and placing our second son in Bible college, we discovered Rebekah has thyroid cancer. We pursued some treatment while we were in America. We returned to Brazil in September and went to our doctor immediately. An ultra sound was done and while her thyroid nodule has not grown at all it is still there. Rebekah’s thyroid is swollen with a blood influx right now and it is not possible to do a follow up biopsy until the swelling goes down because it could cause heavy bleeding. The doctors do not even want to attempt surgery until they are sure she won’t bleed so badly. She is on medication now and will be monitored till December. They are hoping at that time to be able to do the follow up biopsy and then possibly schedule surgery depending on what they learn. Please continue to pray for a no cancer report. We had hoped to keep her thyroid for as long as possible.

While in the states we were able to treat a neurologic problem that has come from two severe falls Rebekah had here in Brazil. We were at the doctor every week for two hours of therapy followed by therapy at home. We also discovered she is sensitive to gluten, but not a celiac, so we are trying to alter our diet accordingly.

If anyone would like to write to Jeff or David they are both in Bible college. Their address is
P.O. Box 375 (Jeff) or 252 (David)
8400 Burr Street
Crown Point, Indiana 46307

Ministry News

While in the states I had the privilege to attend the ordination of a young man who was called to the mission field because of my preaching in his church on deputation. We are excited to see how God will use them in the future.

We have been searching and praying for a year about where God would want us to start our next church. God has opened a door for us. We will be starting a new church in Sao Caetano do Sul, a suburb of Sao Paulo. God opened the door for us to rent a home there, and we will start Bible studies as soon as we can get settled into our new home. We are excited about this new phase of our ministry. We are praying that Compassion Baptist Church will be a blessing to this area.

Prayer Request and Need

Rebekah’s treatment has cost us $6,000 out of pocket. To rent in our part of Brazil if you do not have a co-signer, which we do not, you must either pay 3 months rent every year, which you never see again; or you must pay between 8 and 10 months rent up front, which you get back when you leave. We had planned on that but with the expenses for Rebekah’s treatment we have exhausted our funds. We have had to borrow $6,000 for the deposit on our house and we also need $4,000 to put down as the rent deposit for our new church building. We are asking that you would prayerfully consider giving a one time love offering to help cover some of these expenses. We do ask that you would pray that God would somehow supply this financial need for us.

In His Service,

Bryan & Rebekah Johnson

Ps. Our new address is Rua Parana 102, Olimpico, Sao Caetano do Sul, SP 09540-490

2 thoughts on “Bryan Johnson Prayer Letter November 2016

  • Belinda Adams ( and Steve)

    Just a note to tell you that we have been praying for you for many years. Added your name to my list during a missions conference. God bless you and have a good day.
    I also discovered I seem to be sensitive to gluten (or wheat), but not a celiac, so we are also trying to alter our diet.
    God bless you.

    • Bryan Johnson

      Thank you so much for your prayers. We can’t explain how inportant that is and how much that means to us.


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