Dear Praying and Supporting Friends=2C&nbsp=3B
Ministry News

The Christmas Cantata at New Life was a blessing. &nb=
sp=3BRebekah and I were able to lead a visiting couple to Christ. &nbsp=3BP=
ray that we can get them to start attending church faithfully. &nbsp=3BThey=
found us on the internet and were told by a friend that they needed to att=
end a Fundamental Baptist Church. &nbsp=3BThey actually did not know it was=
the night of the cantata. &nbsp=3BGod is good. &nbsp=3B
I am=
currently trying to start discipleship with William. Please pray that we c=
an work it out with his schedule. &nbsp=3BHe is &nbsp=3Ba taxi driver. &nbs=
p=3BHe came to church with doubts about his salvation. &nbsp=3BI was able t=
o answer his questions. &nbsp=3BHe has been attending church whenever his s=
chedule allows. &nbsp=3B

Since our last let=
ter we have spent much time in prayer and fasting over where God would have=
us to serve. We have decided to stay in Sao Paulo. &nbsp=3BThere is a piec=
e of property in a section of the city called Guacuari. &nbsp=3BThey have b=
een looking for someone to start a church there for a number of years. We p=
lan to be starting a church there the end of the year. This will require bu=
ilding a church from the ground up=2C quite literally. &nbsp=3BUntil our ch=
urch plant begins we will continue to help at New Life Baptist Church. We a=
re currently working on the Easter Cantata as well as the Soul Winning and =
Visitation Program. &nbsp=3B
Family News

Our prayer letter is a bit late. &nbsp=3BJust=
as we were getting ready to sit down and write Jeff=2C our eldest son=2C c=
ame down with Dengue Fever. &nbsp=3BHe was in a massive amount of pain at t=
he beginning but we praise the Lord he had no internal bleeding=2C which co=
uld happen. &nbsp=3BHe was doing much better after we sent out an emergency=
prayer request for him. &nbsp=3BHe still gets tired quicker than he did be=
fore but he is clearly on the mend. For those who do not know=2C Dengue Fev=
er is carried by mosquito and there is no treatment for it. &nbsp=3BThe fev=
er can spike up to 106 F. &nbsp=3BThe person feels like someone is bending =
their bones in half. We continue to thank the Lord for his very quick recov=
Praise the Lord=2C a nodule found on =
Rebekah’s thyroid is benign. &nbsp=3BThat gave us a bit of a scare earlier =
last month. I had several tests but they all came back OK. &nbsp=3BThe boys are doing well in school and are right o=
n schedule to finish this school year in May. &nbsp=3B
The year you turn 18 in Brazil you need to enlist in the army. =
Not everyone is accepted but all are required to enlist. &nbsp=3BPlease pra=
y that when we take Jeff to enlist we can get him out of it with out any co=
mplications so he can enroll in college in the States this fall. If he is f=
orced to stay it would be for a year “boot camp” in a very wicked environme=
In His Service=2C
Bryan=2C Rebekah=2C Jeff=2C david=2C and Lee Johnson





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