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One thought to “Bryan Johnson Family photos”

  • rebekah Woodford

    Blessings to you in the Name of Jesus –

    I am writing to you today to seek your help for our camp in South Carolina. I am the activity director for Camp Cherith in the Carolinas. We serve children from the southeast from Florida to Tennessee to Virginia. This year our theme is on being connected. We are taking the approach of showing the campers that the body of Christ is much bigger than just their small home church and camp. We want them to have a bigger picture one that included their community, their school, and then broadens their eyes globally.

    I am seeking missionaries in all countries that will partner with us to help make this a week a week of missions awareness. I am asking each missionary to write a short letter to nine campers. These campers will be housed together and all the same age. The letters can be very generic and just explain that you are a missionary, where you are from, your missionary focus or any other information you want to include. Then close by wishing them a wonderful week of camp and letting them know that you are praying for them.

    Your letters will be given to the campers of a cabin. They will learn about the country that you are serving in and will write back to you throughout the week. The cabin counselor will decorate their cabin based on your country and will incorporate any customs or activities into their daily routine.

    We want campers to walk away from a week of immersion in missions and to have a connection to someone who is actually living the Great Commission.

    You can research our camp and see pictures of our past years if you would like. The website is

    If you are willing to assist us by writing 9 letters, please send me an email at [email protected]

    Our camp week starts July 23, 2016 and will run till July 30th.

    Thank you so much and I pray that this email finds you in good spirits and great health. Praying for you and your ministry!

    Rebekah Woodford
    6 Southwark Circle
    Columbia, SC 29223
    [email protected]
    [email protected]


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